About this site . . .

The Photographer.
Paul Tierney has been professionally involved - in one capacity or another - with display fireworks for 30 years.

The Photographs.

This site represents my collection of photographs taken at some of the shows I have seen in the UK. The earlier ones, 1999 and before, are only small in number and are unclassified. As the collection has grown I have made greater efforts to note the company as well as the occasion.

Several of these photographs have been published in print on fireworks suppliers' catalogues publicity material and websites, in various magazines, and in print and digitally on study material by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Technical notes
For the technically minded, the equipment used has included Hasselblad 500 with 50mm lens for medium format, Olympus OM2 with 28mm lens for 35mm, and Minolta 7i for digital originals.

Reproduction Enquiries
All photographs are available for sale and enquiries are invited. Photographs can be supplied as high quality prints or in high-resolution digital format for download or on CD.

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